How to Modify Your Home Loan and Avoid Foreclosure

Kamala Felder is the founder of the Felder Group in northern California. By authoring her first book, Kamala hopes to provide homeowners with desperately needed information and assist in saving their homes from foreclosure. Kamala is currently a certified housing counselor who focuses on foreclosure prevention and home preservation. Her priority is keeping families together. She seeks to be an example to her children and others. Kamala has created a special division of her organization that offers public speaking engagements at local churches and real estate offices, providing information to homeowners who otherwise could not afford these services. She maintains strong ties to her community and helps surrounding communities regain their footing despite the recent economic downturn. Kamala has been honored by the U.S. Senate with the American Spirit award in 2008 and was appointed one of the most accomplished female entrepreneurs in Who’s Who of California magazine. Kamala continuously strives to be a beacon of hope to people who are feeling defeated and hopeless when it comes to maintaining home ownership.