Umboo, the Elephant


Many years before Umboo became the largest and most powerful elephant in the circus -- when he was young, and perhaps a little foolish -- he thought he could wander as far as he pleased into the rainy jungle.

"I can find my way back again, after I have knocked over a tree for myself," he thought to himself. "It will be easy."

While the elephant boy passed many trees with palm nuts, not until he found an extra-large tree did he put his head up against it. He pushed with all his might. Then over it went, the roots pulling loose from the soft, wet ground. "Ah, ha! That's the way to do it," laughed Umboo, tearing off a large branch. "I'll take this back to the herd with me!"

Perhaps it was the steamy fog, rising all around him, that puzzled Umboo. And most certainly he was puzzled -- for, when he had been walking quite a distance, he suddenly stopped and listened.

"This is strange," he said to himself. "I don't hear any elephants. And I ought to be back with the herd now!"