Offensive Line Coaches Handbook: Featuring Lectures From the 2014 C.O.O.L. Clinic

Featuring presentations made by several of America s most outstanding coaches, including Paul Alexander, Josh Henson, Jim McNally, Howard Mudd, Scott Peters, Dan Radakovich, Dante Scarnecchia, Mark Staten, Rick Trickett, Tony Wise, and Bob Wylie. The concept of a clinic geared specifically toward addressing the needs and interests of offensive linemen came to fruition in 1982, when a group of about 18 coaches met with Jim McNally, an assistant coach with the NFL s Cincinnati Bengals at the time, in the Bengals training facility. Coaches enjoyed this clinic and it an annual event. Traditionally, the C.O.O.L. Clinic has been held the third week in May each year to accommodate the large number of college coaches who incorporate this event into their spring schedule.

Paul Alexander (Cincinnati Bengals) Conducting the Offensive Line: Communication and Teamwork
Josh Henson (University of Missouri) Zone Adjustments: Run and Pass
Jim McNally (Cincinnati Bengals) Current Trends in Offensive Line Play: A Gap Entry Runs
Howard Mudd (NFL Alumni) Mudd s Methods: Offensive Line Techniques Proven to Work
Scott Peters (Safe Football LLC Hand Combat Specialist) Punching, Stopping the Bull Rush, and Long-Arm Rushing
Dan Radakovich (NFL Alumni) Drills to Improve Offensive Line Play With the Run and Pass
Dante Scarnecchia (NFL Alumni) The Wham, Blast, Bong, and Play-Action Off of Wham
Mark Staten (Michigan State University) The Ins and Outs of Michigan State s Outside Zone Play
Rick Trickett (Florida State University) FSU Stretch Runs From Different Formations
Tony Wise (NFL Alumni) Pass Protection Concepts, Types, and Teaching
Bob Wylie (NFL Alumni) The Counter Play From Two- and Three-Tight-End Sets