What Kind of Apple Are You?

Do you know what apple you are like? Whatever kind of apple you are, I can promise you this, not everybody is going to like you all the time. Life is full of lessons if we will pay attention to our surroundings. Author Barbara Senti Mudge has collected these lessons from her life and conveys them with ingenuity and honesty. In What Kind of Apple Are You? Barbara opens up her soul and spirit, shares her personal challenges, and shows readers how God turns challenges around for good.

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By B. (New Smyrna Beach, FL) · August 22, 2009
After reading "What Kind of Apple Are You?" the following: "What a treasure of a book you have penned. I absolutely loved it. I love your writing style. You make your point without taking the reader through a flurry of unnecessary adjectives. This is talent and a gift! At times, I felt like you k... ...more