If you don't decide on the type of girl you want to be, your friends will do it for you! R U the kind of girl that will change if others aren't comfortable with who you are? What are you willing to do to save face? What Kind of Girl R U takes you into the lives of two teenaged girls entering high school, facing dramatic dilemmas. Find out what kind of girls they are when you end up in the midst of their dialogue, handling these situations. What Kind of Girl R U is an entertaining, straight-forward book that lets you into the heart of a real friend. In its straight talk approach, What Kind of Girl R U introduces twenty-two characteristics on how to plan and set goals to help you achieve in life. It models the life of a woman who helps you to discover the young lady God intended you to be. Find out what's the one thing that makes you different from the other girls. See if it's worth changing for. Learn the consequences, the rewards and the reputation left with you in discovering What Kind of Girl U R and what kind of girl you can become! WHAT KIND OF GIRL R U? √ provides real life dilemmas and "straight-up" advice √ prepares you with principles and practices to help you for the future √ produces life changing scriptures and thought provoking questions KABRENA DENEAN SEVERE is an animated, multi-talented, dramatist, mime artist, and author of a new Proverbs 31 project and series that focuses on enhancing and building Godly characteristics for today's girl. She directed and founded the "Dramatic Disciples" Christian Mime Group. She is married to Jubner Severe and the mother of twin girls: Legacy, Royal and her son Jeremiah Severe.