God Paved the Way for Me to Follow

The inspiration for writing this book was given to me by the Holy Spirit over twenty-two years ago. After surviving a very rough and unique beginning in life, I was adopted into a family that truly loved me unconditionally, which enabled me to dream of a better day and a better place. I kept true to my dream even if it took a long time to come to fruition. I believe that it was all in God’s timing, not mine. However, as I take a retrospective look about the major events that have taken place in my life, and that I was able to endure and survive these hard times, now I know how all of this was accomplished. God was leading me along a path that he had paved for me from the moment of birth until the present. I hope that you will be touched by this book and let it show you how it is never too late to fulfill your dreams in your lifetime. JUST KEEP FOCUS!