Are You Really Ready for College?: A College Dean's 12 Secrets for Success - what high school students don't know (Images of America)

In his book, Dr. Robert Neuman shares with high school students 12 key strategies that will help them become better organized and avoid common 'college student' mistakes.  It's a systematic approach that goes beyond micro skills like outlining and memorization tricks to help students learn how to be productive, take initiative, use resources, manage themselves and their time, realistically assess progress, read warning signs, adjust to change, set and reach goals, and mark off academic milestones.  Filled with compelling facts about the realities of college and student anecdotes, this is a personal workbook that students can carry with them and regularly review throughout their high school years.    

Are you really ready for college? is a useful resource not just for students but for their support system including parents, high school counselors, teachers and other education advisers.  The book can be used in other ways including:
An at-home handbook showing parents how to guide and support the school's efforts.A book that teachers could recommend to families at parent-teacher conferences to improve student performance.A book that forms a valuable curriculum for high school orientation or study skills courses.A resource for guidance counselors in working with individuals or groups.Required reading for students working with guidance counselors.