Farewell to Freedom: What Happens in Las Vegas Doesn't Necessarily Stay in Vegas!

Just days before Christmas, Cheyenne Stevens flees to Las Vegas to escape the heartbreak of a failing marriage. While there, she meets a handsome cowboy named Rowdy Harrison from Freedom, Oklahoma. Upon returning home from the sinful weekend in Vegas, she accepts an invitation to visit Rowdy in Freedom for New Year's. Their love affair quickly blooms into a business relationship when Cheyenne buys into Rowdy's bucking bull business. Cheyenne believes that living life on a ranch with a cowboy would take her back in time to a childhood place where she had once been her happiest. But the elements and the daily struggles of life in the country take a toll on Cheyenne, and her escape to Freedom becomes far more than she bargained for. Has Cheyenne made a mistake by leaving everything she knew to start a new life with Rowdy in Freedom? About the Author: Farewell to Freedom is Anita Waggoner's first novel. She has written a collection of short stories, and she recently wrote a screenplay based on this novel. Anita has owned several businesses and has been successful creating press releases that have attracted many to write stories about her life and experiences. Anita also previously worked as a paralegal in a law office for several years. Publisher's website: http://www.strategicpublishinggroup.com/title/FarewellToFreedom.html Author's website: http://www.farewelltofreedom.net

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By Tia (Damascus, MD) · ★☆☆☆☆ · July 24, 2011
One star. Sadly, a jumbled mess. The main character, Cheyenne, had too much potential to be such a victim. I lost interest quickly and sadly. Full review at www.rebeccasreads.com. ...more
By Bookmasters (Ashland, OH) · June 28, 2011
This book won the Indie Excellence Award in the Fiction category. ...more