Marriage and Relationship Education: What Works and How to Provide It

"This book is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to help committed couples maintain and enrich their relationships. It should be on the shelves of those who already provide couple relationship education and is a good overview of the field for mental health practitioners interested in augmenting or transitioning their practices. It is also appropriate as a supplemental text for graduate courses in marriage and family therapy, family life education, pastoral counseling, counseling psychology, and social work....The last two thirds of the book contain its greatest strength. In these pages Halford presents his own couple relationship program: Couple CARE. This part of the book could easily stand alone as a step-by-step instructor guide for delivering this carefully conceived program. It contains beautifully detailed instructions for teaching six units (Self-Change, Communication, Intimacy and Caring, Managing Differences, Sexuality, and Looking Ahead) that each build on what was learned in the previous unit. Empirical findings on the predictors of long-term relationship satisfaction, stability, and dissolution inform all of the content choices. Relationship strengths and vulnerabilities both get adequate attention. Two features distinguish the Couple CARE from some other widely used skill-building couple relationship education programs. The first is careful attention to evidence-based teaching methods to maximize participant engagement and retention. The second is a focus on self-change....Thirty-five handouts and forms are included in the book that alone are worth the cost of the book for couple practitioners wanting to add to their tool kits."--PsycCRITIQUES