The Last Acer

With troubles at home, thirteen-year-old Travis Wegner spends most of his time alone sneaking outdoors, where he seeks inner peace. But one day after a dark and stormy night, Travis meets a very unlikely companion. Sarora is a gryphon, with the head of a hawk, the body of a lioness, and the makings of a true friend. As you may know, when you become a legendary animal's best friend, freaky things can happen. After touching a very powerful and magical gem, the Crystal of Courage, Travis's whole world turns upside down. A connection with the crystal gives Travis powers that not even Sarora can explain. Knowing that there is only one way to figure out his destiny, Sarora takes Travis on a wild journey to someone who has knowledge of all the magical powers and will teach him who he can become. Along the way, Travis faces many dangers and meets unlikely allies. But nothing could prepare him for this experience of a lifetime...a journey to meet the last Acer. The Last Acer is the first book in a four book series, Spirit Hearts. During his journeys, Travis and his friends face difficult decisions, dangerous enemies, and the foreboding prophecy spoken about "one who is courageous, one who is just, and one who is wise...who will bring the darkness to its demise." However, with the evil titan, Lord Trazon, growing stronger each day, those aligned with Travis may find it impossible to win the war. Will Travis and team stand a chance at defeating the darkness and creating a land of peace?