When No One's Looking

Passionate, funny, bittersweet, and most definitely obsessive, When No One's Looking is a story of love and hate in equal measure, a messy and secret affair that spans six countries and five decades. Joey is dying, but no one else knows. Joey reluctantly tells Paula, who's been a close friend since the sixties. They spend snowy days sitting on a cabin deck in Northern New Mexico, teasing and laughing together. The two start planning a Thanksgiving gathering in their small local town of Madrid, New Mexico, to celebrate Joey's life. But Joey has a second woman of importance; Kat and Joey have been on-again/off-again lovers for the last fifty years. A random encounter at a tavern in New Mexico changed Joey's life drastically, as from that first night with Kat, both were addicted. They share an incredibly erotic, yet jealous relationship, full of passion and then betrayal. Even though they fight constantly, they always end up back together every few years. The two first came together in 1967 in Santa Fe, then again during the Civil war in Guatemala, the start of Glasnost in Russia, the eighties in Spain, and in Britain during the late nineties. Theirs is a love that almost kills. Sarah Leamy is a writer, traveler, and vaudeville performer based in New Mexico. She has already written her next book, Random Tales. Publisher's Web site: http://www.strategicpublishinggroup.com/title/WhenNoOnesLooking.html