The Next American Revolution

It is safe to say that the prevailing mood of the United States is anger. This anger is directed at a government that has shed any pretense of acting in the interests of the American people. It is a government incapable of control or restraint, consumed by runaway spending. It is a government ruled not by the will of the majority of Americans but by lobbyists, lawyers, and a media-controlled agenda calling for greater amounts of progressive reform, regulation, and limits on individual freedom. Author Michael LeGault proposes all is not lost. There is still a small window of opportunity for the American people to summon a force of national will and reverse the direction we're headinga course that will see us become another declining, European-like social welfare state. The key to avoiding this self-destructive path is to understand the underlying causes of the dysfunction. The Next American Revolution clearly identifies the root causes of the demise of the American Dream and how we can get it back. The message of this book is intended for all Americans in all regions of the country, from sea to shining sea.