What Should You Do?

As a six-year-old walks the block home from school, a car pulls to the curb beside him. The man driving asks the boy if he wants a ride, and begins to get out of his car... If this happened, would your child know what to do? You may remember a time when you played outdoors until dark. In many parts of our country, many children still do. However, for those parents, schools, and teachers feeling unsure about the safety of their neighborhoods or towns, empowerment goes a long way. Teach your children how to spot dangerous behaviors and situations and use their instincts. Give them the confidence to react quickly. A simple plan is their best defense. Let your children or students sing and shout, while you teach them to be safe! What Should You Do?: Helping Children Protect Themselves in the Twenty-first Century turns fright time into flight time! Real-life stories teach hands-on safety skills to keep children and teens engaged in this life-saving education.