When Love Abounds

Lou Ellen's life is filled with luxuries, comfort, and love. She has a nice house, a beautiful garden, and a husband and family who adore her. She should be happy. So why is she left with indefinable feelings that something is left unfinished? In search of answers, Lou Ellen must journey back into her past, reliving memories from her childhood and beyond. What she vividly recalls is alternately poignant, humorous, sweet, and painful. Life wasn't always easy. As a girl, she had to overcome poverty, constant rejection, loneliness, and criticism. She learned to succeed through hard work and bore responsibility that was well beyond her years. But against all odds, she met the challenges life presented. Through her faith and hope, she grew to become motivated, happy, and blessed with a love that defies explanation. As she sifts through the events that have shaped her life and the woman she has become, Lou Ellen looks for the key to her contentment, finding that When Love Abounds, there's always hope for the future. 'Ms. Robinson has penned a novel that is both heartwarming and filled with faith. Through Lou Ellen's journey of self-discovery, she offers hope and insight that can benefit us all!' Cindy Kelley, screenwriter for The Velveteen Rabbit and Love Comes Softly, co-author of The Silent Gift