What If Humans Were Like Animals?

Everyone has wondered what it would be like to be their pet dog or catcovered in fur, walking on all fours. But have you ever wondered what it would be like to have eight eyes and legs like a spider? What if you drank through a straw that was part of your mouth like a butterfly? The imagination runs wild in this book that explores the hilarious possibilities of what it would be like if people had the traits of animals all while learning distinct and disgusting facts about these animals. For instance, picture what it would be like if people . . . . . . carried their young in their mouths like jawfish do. . . . were as strong as carpenter ants, which can lift 850x their own weight. . . . could stretch over 10x their own length the way that ribbon worms can. . . . had eyes in their hands like starfish. . . . had skunk defenses and squirted some stink out of their rears when they're attacked. What If Humans Were Animals imagines all these possibilities and more in hilariously graphic picture and gag-provoking text that entertains as well as educates. Readers will never be able to forget all these animal facts when they picture them in this zany and outrageous context.