Not My Family, Never My Child: What to do if Someone You Love is a Drug User

A highly practical guide to helping, supporting and coping with a family member or loved one's struggle with addiction, this handbook is for anyone who suspects—or knows—someone they care about is a drug user. Drawing on the tragic loss of his own son to a heroin overdose and over 20 years working as a counselor, Tony Trimingham cuts through the media hype and politicking to address the real issues facing the families and friends of someone struggling with addiction. Filled with constructive suggestions and strategies, Not My Family Never My Child is aimed at supporting parents, family members, and loved ones of drug users and the users themselves through the difficult journey of drug dependency. It includes detailed information on: warning signs, early intervention, coping and survival strategies, treatment, and where to go for additional advice and support. Not My Family Never My Child is an invaluable tool that will help families and friends cope with and get through the trauma, guilt, and challenges of supporting someone struggling with drug addiction.

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By Joyce (Philadelphia, PA) · ★★★★☆ · March 16, 2013
It was well written. While I didn't completely agree with a couple of his points, I still found it very helpful and informative. ...more