Fantastical Spot What! (Spot What! 3D Seek and Find)

Children will love the 3-D glasses as they discover loads of things on each Fantastical Spot What! page!

Each page has a list of items that have been concealed within the images on the page. Children will work their way through the lists and see just how good a 'spotter' they are! There are also some extra challenges on each page. You can take on the challenge by yourself or you can battle against another player to discover who the ultimate spotting champion is! The game rules are supplied.

By using the 3-D glasses that come with the book, each page takes on a new appearance. Stickers are also included with each book that allow the readers to play a Spot What Sticker Game. Hours of fun within each book.

With over one million copies of Fantastical Spot What! sold worldwide, children are enjoying their search for various everyday items amongst a background of puppets, picture frames and mazes. Ages 4 and up.