Customer Service Expert Level Full Certification Kit - Complete Skills, Training, and Support Steps to the Best Customer Experience by Redefining and Improving Customer Experience

This Customer Service Expert Level Certification Kit builds on the knowledge and understanding of, and looking at, the essential skills and qualities required by Customer Service supervisors and managers.

More than six out of ten people employed in customer-facing sales and service roles say that their manager's behavior towards them affects the level of customer service they deliver. The behavior of line management has a direct impact on the quality of service and brand experience that is extended to customers.

Over three out of ten claim that the relationship with their manager 'always' impacted upon the customer experience they deliver.

The relationship between managers and their teams is so bad that one in ten customer-facing workers consider it to be the biggest threat to their job security - as big a worry as the possibility of their jobs being outsourced.

There's a host of indications that line managers are not fulfilling their responsibilities towards their teams. In short, managers are not managing.

The extent to which managers are reneging on their responsibilities is illustrated by the fact that four out of ten managers communicate with their teams for just 30 minutes or less in an average day. Just over half of managers were found to converse with their teams for an hour a day or less.

Given the apparent general lack of communication between manager and team, is it any wonder that the common perception of frontline workers is of individuals ill-equipped to resolve customer issues and unable to effectively communicate an organization's products, services and brand values?

More often than not, Customer Service Supervisors and Managers have been promoted up the chain of command, and began in an entry level Customer Service position. Too rarely does this promotion come with corresponding training and support, to ensure our supervisors and managers are equipped to deal with their new role.

It is time for a change.