Something for Everyone: Family Meals for Baby, Toddler and Beyond

With a degree specialising in paediatric nutrition, Louise Fulton-Keats has a wealth of knowledge on providing the best possible nutrients and balanced diet for growing bodies. As Margaret granddaughter, Louise was raised in a food-focussed family, where fresh ingredients and wonderful recipes were at the heart of the family household. After the success of her Cooking for your Baby and Toddler cookbook and its sister Thermomix edition, Louise Fulton-Keats brings us Something for Everyone - a wonderful new cookbook filled with nutritious, fresh and tasty dishes focussed on feeding the whole family. Recipes contain variations for babies and toddlers, which require minimal adaptation but maximum flavour. Each chapter addresses a different mealtime with an additional section for delicious sweet treats and desserts. Kick-start the day with Mediterranean baked eggs or Pear and Raspberry quinoa porridge. Delve into lunchtime delicacies such as Sesame-crunch fish fingers with Broad bean yoghurt sauce or a Baby beetroot salad with orange, avocado and walnuts; and enjoy a wonderful family dinner of Ricotta gnocchi with cherry tomato sauce or a classic Osso bucco with white bean puree. Featuring stunning photography and Louise's inimitable, approachable style, Something for Everyone packs a nutritional punch that ensures all family members -from young babies to fussy grow-ups - are well catered for.