Three Things You Need to Know About Rockets

Jessica Fox is 26 years old, lives in Hollywood, and has a high-flying career at NASA. Working late one night, dreaming of another life, she's seized by a moment of madness. She taps second hand bookshop Scotland into Google, and clicks on the first link she sees. A month later, she arrives 2,000 miles across the Atlantic in Wigtown, on the west coast of Scotland. When she knocks on the door of the bookshop she will be working in for the next month, she is greeted not by the 80-year-old recluse she was expecting, but by a handsome young bachelor called Euan The rollercoaster journey that ensues which takes in Scottish Hanukah, bringing yoga to the West Coast, and a waxing that she will never forget will ultimately both break and mend her heart. Three Things You Should Know About Rockets is a book for everyone who has ever thought What if a true story about grabbing life by the horns, and taking the plunge.