Secrets of the Dinosaur World: Come Face-to-Face with Jurassic Beasts and Prehistoric Creatures

"Imagine my astonishment when, several years ago, I discovered that my great grandfather Edward Blackwell had been a dinosaur fossil hunter in the American West . . .  This book is a tribute to my lost relative, and to the vanished world that gripped him so." —Archie Blackwell Written by a descendent of an actual fossil hunter, this fascinating interactive volume explores the exciting era of the early paleontologists—and the terrifying creatures their discoveries brought to light. Dazzling artwork of dinosaurs and their prehistoric environments combine with awesome CGI scenes that capture the beasts in their natural habitats, as if they still roamed the Earth. This must-have for any dinosaur fan includes actual entries from Edward Blackwell's journals.

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By Uvindex (The United States) · ★★★★★ · September 09, 2014
Libro muy interesante sobre dinosaurios. Tiene unas figuras espectaculares, así como fotografías a tamaño natural.
Lo único malo y triste fue que el libro llegó a su fin...