Ooh Ah Stantona: The Autobiography of the SAS Hero Who Became a Football Legend

"War doesn't start at nine in the morning and finish at five at night . . . As the war progressed I soon learned there was no time, dates, or even an outside world, it was just an existence." Phil Stant's story is miles from your usual soccer player's rags-to-riches tale. He might have grown up like many 1960s kids—idolizing George Best and dreaming of playing at Wembley—but his life before professional football included bomb disposal, maneuvers in the dark, and seeing frontline action in the Falklands. Throughout his school days, Stant dreamed of gracing the field and hearing thousands of fans cheer his name. As his thoughts turned to an army career, however, he endured rigorous training and was soon engaged in combat and military exercises. Part of the task force that sailed to regain the Falkland Islands, Phil witnessed the defining moment in the Falkland Islands conflict—the sinking of the Sir Galahad. He never gave up his love for soccer, and swapped the thrill and excitement of the battleground for it, playing for a string of teams including Notts County, Reading, Fulham, Brighton and Lincoln City. Including an account of his return to the Falklands on the 25th anniversary of the conflict and with candid anecdotes told in Phil's frank style, this is a must-read for sports and military enthusiasts.