Why Should I Work for You?: How to Find the Job That's Right for You - And Get the Offer

Looking for a new job? Not enjoying your current role? Out of work and want to make sure that your next step is the right one? Well, this book is about to change the way you see the world of work forever. Why Should I Work for You? reveals how you can find the job that's right for you, whatever your circumstances. It explores the negative impact that being in the wrong job can have on your health and home life - and how to put it right. Packed with tips, exercises and case studies, it puts you firmly in the driving seat of creating a 'you-shaped job' and sets the course for a better life. DISCOVER: - Proactive advice on going after the right jobs and marketing yourself in the best way. - The key to securing interviews and being able to answer every question thrown at you. - A ten-minute test to help you work out what you need in a job to make you happier and more fulfilled. - Tips on making your current job work better for you, including getting more money from your employer even without a pay rise. - Advice on getting the best possible deal from a new employer. - A unique idea on reviewing your career to ensure it's always working for you.