Elvis Costello (Icons of Pop Music)

Elvis Costello sets out to avoid chronological presentation, preferring a thematic approach focused on music and words over the nearly thirty years that separate ‘Radio Sweetheart’ and ‘Country Darkness’. The book may contradict expectation, arguing that on all fronts – music, words, voice, instrumental resource - Costello’s work broadens and deepens, as he sets himself the task of expanding the range of expressive material available.

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By Kirk (Montgomery, AL) · ★★★☆☆ · July 05, 2008
I'm intrigued by this new series distributed by Indiana UP in the States and edited by a pair of UK scholars, so I picked up this, the first book to roll off the presses. (My copy of the Dylan installment should arrive this week). From what I've seen of the series guidelines, contributors are giv... ...more