Ask: The 1000 Most Asked Questions About Love

Have you ever wondered how to avoid being attracted to the same personality type; how to find the perfect partner; add sparkle to your marriage, deal with mixed feelings and disloyalties; get out of an unhappy relationship? Consult and keep Ask: Love handy for solving those perennial problems of the heart.

Jenny, using her experiences as an advice columnist addresses all those questions of love which have troubled her many readers over the years.

Learn how to tell your partner that you aren't satisfied with your sex together, why your Mr. Right always turns into Mr. Wrong, why you never seem to find a potential Mr. Right and why, when you do, you won't allow yourself to be loved. Turn your love life around, for the better, with Ask: Love.

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By Israa (Asyut, 17, Egypt) · ★★★★★ · April 17, 2013
<3 like this book :D ...more