Withdrawals from a Legal Drug


This essay is the true story of one diagnosed schizophrenics experience attempting to quit the medication that has kept him sane for over a decade. Instead of the paranoia and delusions he suspects will surface in his mind when he quits his meds, he becomes at first violently physically ill, and then is almost hospitalized against his will by his family when they find out he is not taking his medication. The author becomes his own test subject in the attempt to prove that schizophrenia is not a life-long debilitating illness, but that the symptoms wane as the individual reaches a mature age.

About the Author

Ben McFadden is a thirty-three year old self-taught poet and writer. He is a graduate of the elite Abraxas Academy in Poway, California. He has lived his entire life in San Diego, California, except for a brief weekend at the college in Northern Californa, where he learned government spies were selling his inner-subconscious to Alien beings in exchange for a future world peace, which, as we can all see in the world around us, has yet to happen.