The SCREWEDUP Letters: Why you should lose your mind to lose your weight

Many weight control books fail to deliver a sustainable and meaningful way to reduce weight. That is because they concentrate on the food that you eat and the liquids that you drink. Of course they are important . but the secret is not in trying to change your shopping basket, but changing your mind-set. After the first book in this series called 'Your Past Does Not Equal Your Future' the SCREWEDUP Letters continues to show you in a clear, practical and easy way how to take control of your weight, by taking control of your mind. The mind-set that gave you the problem of being overweight, can not give you the solution. The techniques you will learn, and the knowledge you will gain by reading 'The SCREWEDUP Letters' series of books, will provide you with the motivation to be who you want to be. This book will save you pounds, and in some cases will save your life. Learn how easy it is to change the negative habits from the past.