Flavours of Thought

This is a book about thinking. We never give our thoughts a second thought. This is a shame as how and what we think fundamentally changes what sort of day we have and what sort of world we inhabit.

It describes just 21 of many possible types of thought we can have and cleverly combines them into 21 simple to follow recipes.

This is just a soupcon of what is available to us but it's a great starter.

This book is purposely short so it can be read and absorbed easily on ereaders and smartphones.

It doesn't take long to read and it quite possibly might change your world and those around you forever.

What people are saying about it:

“This book is intrinsically simple. Simple to read; simple to understand; simple to apply. Its simplicity is what makes it genius.”

“It is the deceptive power in its apparent simplicity which allows Flavours of Thought to be easily accessible to both beginners and time served devotees of personal development work. The book is cleverly engineered and crafted to produce light bulb moments (or understanding) whether it’s being read cover to cover, dipped into randomly or as an aide memoir when required. I do all three, often!”