Clare Browne has selected examples across the full range of designs and fashions, to demonstrate the skill and variety lace-makers have achieved in their work. She explores the history of lace-making from its origins in the late fifteenth century, showing how patterns and techniques developed to serve the fashions of the day. Lace-makers became more adventurous as technical developments in needle and bobbin lace opened up new possibilities, while later sophistication in design brought astonishing naturalistic effects, particularly in the depiction of flowers and plants. Specially photographed details provide a feast for the eye as well as a survey of exquisite craftsmanship. This book will be additionally valuable as a record of important parts of a collection which by its nature is too fragile to be displayed. It also offers a wide-ranging survey of the art and craft of lace-making down the ages that will appeal to needlework enthusiasts, designers, students and all those interested in historical fashion.