The Event (Masks)

Blanco the magician is famous throughout Europe for his telepathic powers. Undermined by a conspiracy and exposed to the world as a charlatan, Blanco is forced to flee to Argentina, where he takes up with the voluptuous Gina. This book received Spain's Nadal Prize for fiction in 1988.

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By Edmond (Cambridge, MA) · ★★★★★ · March 26, 2012
Reading Saer makes you realize how much other authors take for granted. Time and space aren't just neutral categories after all, known quantities, containers in which to "place" the characters, the action, etc. Everything has to be scrutinized and precisely delineated at every moment because it's... ...more
By Madeleine (Montreal, QC, Canada) · ★★★☆☆ · August 13, 2011
Bonne histoire sur l'immigration en Argentine, entre la conquête de la pampa désolée, l'obsession amoureuse du personnage principal jusqu'à certaines redondances dans le texte, et le début de l'épidemie de fievre jaune ...more