The UK Trailwalker's Handbook

The UK has a network of recognized long-distance hiking routes unrivaled anywhere in the world. Each one links individual footpath sections into a continuous trail that is actively promoted. Some, like The Monarch's Way, are linked with a historical figure and others with a landscape feature such as The Thames or Offa's Dyke. Compiled by the experts of the UK's Long Distance Walkers' Association, this new edition of the UK Trailwalker's Handbook is an up-to-date directory of all of these routes, across Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland. It combines descriptions and profiles, by region, of hundreds of waymarked routes, including the 19 National Trails and many hundreds more enthusiasts' routes, with holiday ideas, inspirational articles, photographs and overview maps. In all, the guide covers over 700 routes and more than 40,000 miles. Over 16 million people a year walk along these routes and this book provides all the detail you need to plan some great days out hiking!