The Menopause: What you need to know

Women and their doctors are divided about how to approach the menopause. Some feel it is a natural event which should normally not need treatment. Others believe that some of the consequences of falling oestrogen levels, such as hot flushes and osteoporosis, require treatment.

The aim of this book is to provide unbiased and non-promotional information about the menopause and its management including women with special needs such as those with an early menopause. It is designed to help patients to understand what happens during the Menopause, the various treatment options and alternative therapies available to help them deal with these symptoms , as well as advice on staying healthy through this often troublesome phase and beyond.

The menopause: What you need to know is based on the British Menopause Society Handbook written by experts for doctors and nurses. All of those involved in healthcare provision to women will find this an excellent book for recommending to their patients.