Harley Street

For more than a century the name "Harley Street" has been famous throughout much of the world, as the centre of British consultative medicine. This fascinating account follows the history of Harley Street, with notes on some of the famous (or infamous) people, lay or medical, who lived either in the street or nearby. Starting with the early beginnings of the area, and the development of the Harley Estate in the early 18th century, the author then moves on to describe the influx of medics to Harley Street over a century later, followed by the gradual increase in prestige of the area. The concluding chapter is devoted to Regent's Park which, developed during the reign of George IV, had become a favourite place of relaxation for local residents. The author, John Crawford Adams, is a devoted medical historian who lived in Regent's Park for more than thirty years and has had a long-standing interest in the local history. His engaging writing style and meticulous research make for a fascinating read, which is further enhanced by the carefully chosen and beautiful illustrations.