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By Kristen (Balbriggan, 07, Ireland) · ★★★☆☆ · July 14, 2014
Interesting story, a moral dilemma which will have readers divided. Definitely not the raunchy story it has been touted as! The book has been updated since original publication to make it appear to be set in current time. This hasn't been done well and was not necessary, it makes the story less p... ...more
By Margaret (Louth, Ireland) · ★★★★☆ · June 11, 2013
I first read this in 1989 and like the cover says " A novel you will never forget ".

Who should keep the adopted baby? The birth mother who changes her mind after 14 months, or the adoptive parents to whom she is their world?

Although the first few pages are quite dated and a bit cheesy, it is wort... ...more
By Natasha · July 15, 2013
Not quite the raunchy novel the media led me to expect, from our Minister for Justice. Hard not to picture him when reading it. Entertaining read which keeps you guessing to the end. But definitely falls into my category, along with 'Brooklyn', of 'would be considered chick lit if it was written... ...more
By Billy (Ireland) · April 24, 2013
Found this book to be very good, was reading it day and night, and it was so easy and enjoyable to read. The writer kept me in suspense til the end. I was wrote by an irish writer and based in Dublin. ...more
By Miriam (Carlow, 01, Ireland) · ★★★☆☆ · October 28, 2013
Book club for October. Great idea for a story but impossible to seperate the story from the author.