The Most Amazing YouTube Videos Ever! Your Guide to the Coolest, Craziest and Funniest Internet Clips

In just eight years YouTube has become an indispensable source of entertainment, hosting more than 150 million videos and with the power to create a truly global phenomenon. For anyone who wants to go straight to the very best the site offers, here's the ultimate guide to YouTube's 150 greatest clips. Each entry includes a QR code enabling the reader to watch the video instantly.
The videos-some world famous, others less well known-include:  “Charlie Bit My Finger,” “Fenton the Dog in Richmond Park,” “Psy's Gangnam Style,” “Dramatic Chipmunk,” “Sneezing Pandas,” “Spiders on Drugs,” “Blindfolded Boomeranger,” and many more. This is the perfect gift for YouTube fanatics or those new to the site.