Effective Recruitment: A Practical Guide to Staying Within the Law (Thorogood Reports)

The legal rules in England that apply to recruitment are drawn from virtually all areas of employment law. Sourcing the relevant law under each heading is difficult and time-consuming.

This valuable new report pulls together all the relevant UK law relating to recruitment. Written by acknowledged experts, it provides a concise summary of everything you need to know and what to do to stay securely within the law. The report is designed for: HR professionals; recruitment specialists; in-house legal teams; employment lawyers; employment and recruitment agency staff; HRM students; students on CPD program; and training professionals.

The report takes the reader through the key stages of the recruitment process. It can therefore be read as a whole to provide an overview of the law and its application, or it can be used for specific purposes, for example, to identify the rules that apply to advertising or to the health screening of applicants.