Current Practice in Environmental Reporting: The Chemicals Industry

The corporate environmental report (CER) is becoming an increasingly important part of the way in which companies report their activities. As the focus shifts inevitably towards greater and greater accountability for environmental impact, implementing an effective reporting strategy and producing a CER which shows how seriously your company takes its environmental responsibilities is essential.

Current practice in environmental reporting: the chemicals industry is the second in a major new series of looseleaf surveys reviewing the current state of environmental reporting in a number of key industrial sectors worldwide. It brings together and analyses the CERs of the leading international chemicals companies. Each company's CER is examined in detail using a comprehensive set of environmental performance indicators (EPI's).

It is invaluable to the wide range of stakeholders concerned with corporate environmental performance and to the many verifiers involved. No organisation involved in the worldwide chemicals industry can afford to ignore its findings.

  • A detailed picture of reporting across the chemicals industry
  • A comprehensive analysis of the environmental impact of major companies
  • A ranking system showing the top performers in the industry