Avoid Retirement and Stay Alive

Avoid retirement and stay alive is the simple message behind this potentially life-changing book. The authors' basic premise is that retirement is notion to be banished from all sensible conversation and promotes the idea that no one should retire and no one should want to retire. Quite apart from the economic reality that our respective Governments can't possible afford the retirement we all expected when we started our working lives. Instead they say we should look at rearranging our lives to suit our changing circumstances, but allow no room for the idea of a use-by date when we stop and vegetate - because that's when we die, usually of boredom. A hard-hitting look at the Western economic history of retirement and how it has no place in the modern world, the authors provide case studies and a workable blueprint for changing our expectations and our plans for the second half of our working lives. With practical, pragmatic and accessible text,, the book will be illustrated throughout with line drawings, pull out quotes and bullet-pointed text summaries.

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By Andrew (Mortimer, P4, The United Kingdom) · ★★★☆☆ · February 03, 2014
This book has a very powerful message: that retirement is unlikely to be achievable or even desirable for most people now in work. Instead we should focus on doing work that we enjoy and aim to do all the things we are saving for retirement now, while we are young enough to enjoy them more, but w... ...more