WARNING: This book contains sex, violence, nudity and adult themes. Not to mention numerous jokes about bodily functions and rotting rubbish. Dave runs the biggest rubbish dump in the state. Rubbish and money are all he cares about, although he does have a growing desire for the local pig farmer’s daughter. But when Dave goes off to Paris on a government sponsored fact-finding tour, he has no idea how his life will change. The head of the Paris dump offers to pay Dave to take some ‘harmless’ packages off his hands from a French Pacific island. Easy money and not much work, Dave thinks. That is until some Arab terrorists become interested in those packages, and the Israeli secret service becomes interested in the terrorists. From then on things become decidedly dodgy. An action comedy that romps through crazy business schemes, lust, and the odd scientific breakthrough to steamroll its way to a climax amongst the revolting, rotten and reviled rubbish of the dump!