Build a Plastic Injection Molding Attachment for a Drill Press

For the most part, plastic injection molding today is done with complex automated machinery turning out many thousands of items per day. But what if you are an experimenter, inventor or hobbyist and you just want a few parts made? We have attempted to answer that question for you by providing these plans for a small hobby size injection molding machine capable of molding slightly more than 1/2 ounce of plastic. (.59 ounce to be exact) This amazingly compact machine is designed to be used with a floor model style drill press having a minimum spindle travel of 3 inches. Thus, we refer to it as an injection molding attachment for a drill press. The unit itself measures approximately 12 inches long x 1-3/4 inch diameter at its widest point and weighs just 3 pounds. In operation, plastic is melted in the injection barrel of the machine by two 1/4 inch diameter x 2-1/2 inch long cartridge heaters. The temperature of the barrel is accurately controlled by a digital temperature controller and thermocouple arrangement. The force required to inject the plastic is provided by the feed mechanism of a drill press. Construction is simple and straight forward, but it will require basic metal working knowledge and the ability to operate a metal lathe and a drill press along with other hand and power tools associated with metal working and machine work in general. Here in this booklet you will receive detailed step by step instructions along with photos and drawings showing how to build your very own injection molding attachment for a drill press. A material list is provided. Suppliers are also identified and you will also receive a basic introduction to plastic injection molding in general. Before you know it, you will be creating plastic products of your own design. And you will have the capability to cast replacement parts, or even make copies of those hard to find items. The possibilities are indeed endless.