Quit Smoking Quit Smart Kit: How to Quit Smoking the Easy Way with the Quit Smoking Hypnosis CD, Quit Smart Stop Smoking Guidebook - It is Easier than You Think, and Quit Smoking Cigarette Substitute

The Director of the Duke University Stop Smoking Clinic gently helps you make a firm decision to quit and provides everything you need to succeed: Guidebook, Hypnosis CD, and Cigarette Substitute. The guidebook is warm and supportive, and keeps you engaged with the use of color, cartoons, and charts. For many people, over-the-counter nicotine-replacement products like the nicotine patch can make quitting easier. Dr. Shipley reveals new ways to use these products that dramatically increase your chance of success (some information only available in this guidebook). Another way to wean off nicotine is called the Warm Chicken method: you wean off nicotine in two weeks by switching to cigarette brands that deliver less and less nicotine. Then you quit entirely but, because you have already cut your nicotine intake, you suffer few withdrawal symptoms. The book is not just focused on overcoming nicotine addiction, you will also learn to outsmart the habit of smoking, minimize weight gain, and reduce stress. The Hypnosis CD that is included in the Quit Smart Kit helps you relax and use the power of your mind to develop the care and respect for your body that naturally lead to permanent freedom from cigarettes. The CD includes two 15-minute tracks: Quitting Smoking, and Remaining a Nonsmoker. Start listening to track 1 on your quit date and to track 2 a week later. Both tracks induce profound relaxation and provide hypnotic suggestions to help you stay comfortably smokefree. The patented Cigarette Substitute looks and feels like the real thing and has a valve to adjust the draw. Use this fake cigarette to take deep-breathing breaks and to keep the hand-to-mouth smoking ritual for a time as you wean off nicotine. The Cigarette Substitute is durable and washable, and comes with a carrying case so you can keep it handy.