Developing a Comprehensive Faculty Evaluation System: A Handbook for College Faculty and Administrators on Designing and Operating a Comprehensive Faculty Evaluation System

This popular handbook provides practical, proven models for developing and using a comprehensive faculty evaluation system. Based on 30 years of research and experience building and operating large-scale faculty evaluation systems, as well as consulting experience to thousands of administrators and faculty from hundreds of colleges and universities of all types, the author offers an even more valuable resource in this new edition. The heart of the book remains the same reliable eight-step process that has worked so well for so many institutions. There is also much new information, gathered primarily from the institutions that implemented this process, providing a thoroughly updated second edition.

In addition to expanded and enhanced material from the original, this new edition includes a new introductory section, new research in the field, a new section on legal issues, more samples of commercially available student rating forms, a new section on post-tenure review and how it relates to the evaluation of faculty performance, and two detailed case studies. Developing a Comprehensive Faculty Evaluation System has been used by thousands of faculty and administrators participating in nationally offered workshops on this topic.