The Very Best of Charles de Lint

The finest stories of this popular pioneer of urban fantasy and creator of the mythical city of Newford have been chosen by the author—and his fans—and gathered in this extraordinary collection. Asked to suggest their own favorite stories for inclusion, de Lint’s fans have been instrumental in creating a treasury that will spark the imaginations of readers of all ages. These are retold fairy tales and new modern myths that thoroughly redefine the boundaries of magic.

Between these pages are all manner of enchanted characters in unusual places: playful Crow Girls who sneak into the homes of their sleeping neighbors, a graffiti artist who risks his life to expose a deadly conspiracy, and an unrepentant trickster who throws one last party to reveal a lost folkloric tradition.

At turns unexpected, whimsical, dark, and mystical, this is an essential compendium of timeless tales to be revisited as often as the heart desires.

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By Tadiana (The United States) · January 23, 2015
Kindle freebie 1/23/15. ...more
By MissM (Tampa, FL) · ★★★★★ · August 25, 2011
Charles de Lint is my favorite author. He has this way with his stories that even if you've read them before, coming back to them is like meeting up with an old friend. His stories take you so easily and so effortlessly into a place where life is more than black and white; where Mystery is right... ...more
By Jessica (Mexico, Mexico) · ★★★★★ · March 28, 2012
I'm finally (and sadly) done with this collection of magical stories, regarded as the very best of Charles de Lint by his fans, and it feels like such a daunting task to write a review for this book but I'm going to try anyway.

29 stories, and an introduction, live in these pages, and out of all... ...more
By Julia (Cobleskill, NY) · ★★★★★ · February 22, 2011
Just my fourth book of the year and I already know this one will be on this year’s list of my favorites!

In this collection of de Lint’s stories he asked his fans to pick their favorites (and somehow I didn’t know about it). Some of the stories I don’t think I’ve read before, some I haven’t read... ...more
By Jaimie (Regina, SK, Canada) · ★★★★★ · September 20, 2012
Every collection of Charles' short stories is full of gems, but thus far this is the one that I like best. The selection of stories was chosen in tandem with loyal fans through social media (way to jump on the technology/social media bandwagon!), which I find quite endearing as many authors don't... ...more
By Jo (Hamilton, OH) · ★★★★☆ · January 20, 2014
This is a lovely collection of Charles DeLint's work encompassing many years of his life and the characters (many of DeLint's characters reappear throughout his books and stories over the course of about 20 years of their life - and 20 years of his for that matter). Charles DeLint is one of the o... ...more
By Michael (The United States) · ★★★★★ · January 27, 2015
OMG The first I have read of his work and Whoa!!!!!

Amazing imagination and creativity descriptive world, that shows all behind the veil the great and the horrible. Anyone who has suffered from abuse would find some healing in this collection. Going to find more to read. ...more
By Nesa (Kuala Lumpur, 59100, Malaysia) · ★★★★★ · May 08, 2012
At turns whimsical, dark, and mystical, this extraordinary collection of retold fairy tales and new, modern myths redefine the boundaries of magic. Compiling favored stories suggested by the author and his fans, this delightful treasury contains the most esteemed and beloved selections that de Li... ...more
By Laura (Gulfport, MS) · ★★★★☆ · October 07, 2012
I have been a fan of Charles deLint for about 20(!) years. He excels at urban fantasy but his regular fantasy is great, too. I really enjoyed this collection of stories. Even though I've read most of his novels and a lot of his previous collections, this one included many I had not read before. T... ...more
By Tom (Yonkers, NY) · ★★★★★ · February 06, 2015
For me, this might end up being my favorite book of the year, if not one of my favorites of all time. This is the first work I have ever picked up of Charles de Lint, and as I was reading this, my overwhelming thought was "Why have I never heard of this author before?" I feel like part of my life... ...more