OS/390-Z/OS Security, Audit and Control Features

The IBM large-scale mainframe system software, although one of the most stable and certainly the most long-lived of such systems, undergoes constant change and continuous updates. It was know as MVS for many years, until recently it was OS/390 and now is z/OS. The need for security and audit professionals to update their knowledge to correspond to the current hardware and software levels is more pronounced than ever before.

This publication deals with those concepts, components and functions of OS/390 and z/OS that are deemed to be of primary relevance in terms of the security and audit issues.

The publication provides a detailed focus on issues such as:

  • Business drivers and technology considerations
  • System initialization, security functions, audit tools and methods
  • Detailed descriptions of new components and functions
  • Recently added functions, mainly those that permit the use of the Internet, and UNIX functions in the OS/390 environment
  • Detailed table listings and suggested approaches for testing
  • The suggested framework for properly controlled and successful implementation
  • An Internal control questionnaire and detailed audit program.