Crash Course #1

Crash Course is a fast-paced space adventure about Crash, a young man with nothing to lose but his robot sidekick Rockstar. Come along for the ride, and enjoy everything the galaxy has to offer! At least for those who are willing to take a risk!

It s a big galaxy filled with hot and hunky guys, spaceships, laser guns, and bounty hunters! Join Crash on the run as he tumbles in and out of beds, gunfights, and space battles. The biggest question is: Is Crash running toward the future, or away from the past?

A chance encounter with Prince Kalen sets Crash on a course that will keep him moving but may draw the wrong kind of attention. With the help of Rockstar a truly open source robot with the ability to jump from machine to machine Crash is prepared to take on anything that gets in his way. He never backs down from a fling in the sack or a good fight, and Crash Course has plenty of both!