Grasp the Solution: How to Find the Best Answers to Everyday Challenges

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower... Which do you want to be?

GRASP The Solution is a refreshingly pragmatic and straight-talking guide to making decisions and solving problems creatively. If you've always thought creativity was all fluff and no substance, this book will make you think again.

How to find the best answers to everyday challenges

Struggling to come up with new and innovative ideas? Got the idea but can t make it happen? Frustrated trying to find the right answers? Fed up of failed group brainstorming sessions?

Chris Griffiths (head of ThinkBuzan, the organisation behind Mind Mapping the thinking tool used by millions worldwide) compels you to let go of what's killing your creativity. In just four clear steps, he shows you how to unleash bold, fresh ideas and solutions in a systematic way to help you triumph innovatively over any challenge.


"Chris shows with clarity and persuasiveness that creative thinking is not magic, but a process that can be learned, developed, and most importantly applied to the challenges, whether business or personal, that confront us all. An excellent resource. Grasp it."
Tim Hurson, Author of 'Think Better: An Innovator s Guide to Productive Thinking'

"Chris and his work have changed my life, and already millions of lives for the better worldwide. His work is in the process of doing the same for YOU!"
Tony Buzan, Multi-million copy best-selling Author and Inventor of Mind Mapping

"A must-read with accurate techniques to power up your thinking process and productivity. I'd recommend this book to anybody who is open to move forward and look at challenges differently. If you want to turn your problems into practical solutions, this book will definitely help you."
Philippe Packu, Business Analyst, Sony

"Organizations are proclaiming the need to 'work smarter' Chris Griffiths provides a road map of how to do that."
Bob Urichuck, Author of 'Disciplined For Life' and 'You Are the Author of Your Future'

"This book provides new tools and techniques about creativity and innovation for your personal, professional and social success. It helps you think differently. Read it and become a trailblazer!"
Professor M.S. Rao, International Leadership Expert and Author of 'Success Sutras Lead Your Life Successfully'

"If everybody could read Chris s book and incorporate his suggestions on a daily basis, we would all go straight to the point and gain the most appreciated treasure: time!"
Oriol Marimon-Clos, CEO, Ideas Angels

"Chris has profoundly changed my way of thinking and creating solutions, and has sounded a creative voice that I did not know existed."
Ed Allen, Rear Admiral, US Navy (ret) Executive Business Coach, Executive Success Group

"I obtained many ideas and a real shift in my thinking." John Brooker, Yes! And...

"I consider Chris Griffiths one of the great talents that will bloom in the years ahead."
Ron Kaufman, Best-selling Author of 'UP Your Service!'

"Chris challenges people to break from 'old ways' and embrace creative ideas for doing things differently."
Brenton Nicholls, Director, Impact Unlimited

"Chris is a rare breed of entrepreneur and business expert: He completely understands all the theory, but does not over-indulge it. Instead, he takes it and makes it useful to the real world. This book is perhaps the best evidence of this, and will not only help you to generate better ideas, but (most importantly) bring them to life and make them real!"
Liam Hu