Understanding HD Video

A comprehensiveguide to filming a movie using a digital SLR camera Shooting high quality movies on a digital SLR camera has become an exciting new genre of photographyand today's stills cameras have outstanding capabilities when it comes to the moving image. This comprehensive guide addresses the research, planning, and pre-production processes necessary before creating a movie. It asks the fundamental question: "What are you trying to say with the film?" Is it a documentary or a drama, or a professional quality record of amemorable vacation orwedding, or other once-in-a-lifetime event? From assembling your teamdirector, producer, lighting, audio, costume and make-up, andactorsto obtaining all the equipment you'll need, the book gives expert advice on camera settings, shutter speeds, lenses, filters, audio considerations, and lighting requirements. Practical information is given on how to shoot standard and wide-angle shots, panning techniques, how to capture action with the use of dollies, and other motion aids, and how to make sure your sequences are crisply in focus. Post-production hardware, software, and techniques are discussed, including importing files, reviewing footage, synching audio, color grading, rendering, and exporting. A final chapter briefly discusses various post-production/editing techniques such as workflow, color grading, and adding narration.