Vistas Student Textbook: Introduccion a la lengua espanola

VISTAS is a new introductory program written with you, the student, in mind. The driving force behind VISTAS was the desire to create the most student-friendly program available to college students taking introductory Spanish. In light of this, here are some of the elements you will encounter: Practical, high-frequency vocabulary that will allow you to communicate in everyday situations; Clear, comprehensive grammar explanations with special features that make it easier to learn and use; Ample guided, focused practice to make you comfortable with the vocabulary and grammar you are learning and to give you a solid foundation for communication; An emphasis on communicative interactions with a classmate, small groups, the full class and your instructor; Careful development of reading, writing, and listening skills incorporating learning strategies and a process approach; Integration of the culture of the everyday lives of Spanish speakers and coverage of the entire Spanish-speaking world; A complete set of print and technology ancillaries to help you learn Spanish more easily.