Smartphones; Research Report

Authored by Mohammed Ilyas and Syed Ahson, Smartphones analyzes this new technology in great detail, all while discussing relevant reference solutions, the role of middleware on related operating systems, and how cell phone vendors consequently confront this growing challenge. The authors provide a very detailed and cogent perspective on the world of Smartphones, mostly by examining its vast feature sets, its impact on other leading technologies and companies, and by supplying extensive case studies on how Smartphones enhance user productivity and encourage deployment of user applications. What is the impact of Smartphones on the South Asian market? What relevant security solutions have been developed by Smartphone operating system vendors? What are the market share projections for Smartphones by leading research companies? With Smartphones in hand, you will not only be able to seek out the answers to such challenging questions, but you will also understand the global impact that Smartphones have caused, along with the technologies that have facilitated Smartphone adoption.