Custom Knit Jackets: Casual to Couture

With one master pattern, this resource guides knitters through creating 12 jacket silhouettes in five standard sizes, with four different weights of yarn. Reminiscent of the designer details that have made the Chanel jacket a signature piece for more than 50 years, the details in this book add professional finish to collars, pockets, fabrics, and hand-stitched silk lining. The process to create a perfect-fit jacket requires only simple math and graph paper. Using real-body examples, Jean Frost shows how to adjust patterns for narrow shoulders, long arms, short or long waist, a large bust, and other common fitting problems.

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By Carol (The United States) · ★★★★★ · July 07, 2013
This book is a knitting masterwork. I loved her first book Jackets (which I'll be reviewing next.). Jean Frost is renowned for her gorgeous jackets that look great on women of any age, and just about any shape, with anything from jeans to evening wear. She has put her own stamp on the classic Cha... ...more
By Sara · ★★★★☆ · May 07, 2012

Amazing book. I'd love to knit one of these jackets, but I think I'd need to take a class to keep me going through the process. ...more